Apple MacBook Water Damage Repair

You spilt water on the keyboard of your MacBook, and it died. Apple gave you a repair bill of $1000+ or even told you the Mac is not repairable. What now? MacBook water damage is a common but very stressful issue; however, the fix is easier than you think! 


 If you switch the MacBook off immediately after the spill and NEVER turn it on again, you can pretty much guarantee your beloved MacBook is repairable and at a much lower cost. Severe damage happens at the moment you turn on a liquid-damaged and then dried MacBook.

After receiving your MacBook, we will perform a diagnostic assessment and provide you with an obligation-free quotation. We will let you know what has been liquid-damaged and how much it costs to repair or replace. For customers who use our postal service, we inform you which component(s) most likely have been damaged and the faulty component(s) costs before you post the MacBook to us.


Is my data safe on a water-damaged MacBook?

Yes, in most cases. From our experience of repairing hundreds of water-damaged MacBooks every year, the components being damaged from likely to unlikely are in this order: logic board, keyboard, touchpad, battery, screen, and hard drive. So your data is quite safe as long as it is in a removable hard drive, be it an SSD or a conventional spinning hard drive. Since 2015, Apple started to integrate (solder) the SSD chips onto the logic board. This new design makes Mac data recovery much harder. We provide Mac data recovery on MacBook Pro TouchBar models from 2016-2017. We can recover the data in the SSD chips via the emergency port known as “lifeboat". Apple removes the “lifeboat" port and encrypts the data with the Apple T2 Security Chip in all 2018 models onwards. For those MacBooks, the only way to recover the data is to repair the logic board and make the MacBook at least temporarily working. If the logic board is not repairable, the data will be definitely gone.