Apple MacBook Pro & Air Battery replacement

Whether your MacBook battery is not charging properly or won’t last long after being fully charged,  our high-quality and competitive MacBook battery replacement service in Melbourne is for you when your original one fails.

Our MacBook battery replacement prices cover the cost of a new battery for MacBook Pro and installation. We can change MacBook Pro battery on-spot for Pre-2012 MacBook Pros. We also provide same-day service for retina MacBook Pro in which the battery is glued to the MacBook case.

MacBook Pro Model Price (AUD) Mac Model Number
13" Macbook Pro 2009-2012
15" Macbook Pro 2009-2012
A1286, A1297
13" Macbook Pro retina 2012-2015
A1425, A1502
15" Macbook Pro retina 2012-2015
13" Macbook Pro touch bar 2016-2020
A1706, A1708, A1989, A2159, A2289, A2251, A2338
15" Macbook Pro touch bar 2016-2019
A1707, A1990
14" Macbook Pro touch bar 2021
16" Macbook Pro touch bar 2019-2021
A2141, A2485


MacBook Air Model Price (AUD) Mac Model Number
11" Macbook Air 2010-2012
A1370, A1465
13" Macbook Air 2010-2012
A1369, A1466
11" Macbook Air 2013-2017
13" Macbook Air 2013-2017
13" Macbook Air with Touch ID 2018-2020
A1932, A2179, A2337
12" Macbook Retina 2015-2017